Friday, 29 April 2016

Fans that look good, works better Part 3

Fans acquire the most important portion of our walls: The center. Inanimate objects shouldn’t only be defined by their utility but also by how can they be used as an accessory in our rooms. Ceiling fans are an important part of any room. Therefore, companies around the world are experimenting with the designs to make not only good but beautiful and stylish fans. Not only are they focusing on design but other aspects like a fan’s size, weight and speed to ensure the best performance.
So, continuing with our list of fans that not only gives best performance but also look good, we present you with rest of the ceiling fans:

7. Paradise Key

Its palm accents give you a feel that you are on a tropical island. The carvings on this ceiling fan is so fine and detailed that it would give your room a royal appearance. Though suited for all kinds of rooms, Paradise Key works well with houses that have wooden furnishings. Blending with the wooden accents of your room, this fan would give a holistic and homogenous look to the room. 

8. Artemis Fan

Even one unique object in a mundane setting can bring life into that space. Artemis fan is a style statement and add elegance to the room. The maple finish option would complement the settings if you have wooden accents in your room. Named after a Greek goddess Artemis, the wooden texture defines its rawness while at the same time giving it an undefinable beauty. With powerful airflow, this ceiling fan is a perfect choice for the buyer.

9. Blow Fan

Most fans comes with lamps installed below the blades but Blow fans comes with lamp installed above the blades. Designed by Ferdi Giardini, Blow fan is for the people who have a taste for minimalism. This fan is operated by infra-red remote control and it comes with an operating switch which can be used to reverse the blades’ movement for better airflow. The blade unlike conventional fan blades, are transparent to give visibility to the lamp and its light.

Like cars or phone, fans too are of different types. There are fans that can only be used indoors or the one that are best for outdoors. Also, there is one more category of ceiling fans where there is a great scope for innovation. That category is of Kids Ceiling fans. Especially meant for kids’ room, these fans are just like any other ceiling fan but bit small in size. What makes them different is their design. Meant for kids, companies bring out fans that have cartoon characters painted on them. From Mickey mouse to Cinderella, all the characters could be found on these fans.

Now a days, parents are focusing on the space they provide their kids to sleep. They want to make sure that their child feels happy and safe alone in the room. And who can be a better friend than their favorite cartoon characters? So, the room now a days, have Scooby Dooby Doo, Chota Bheem and Doraemon painted on the walls. A kids ceiling fan only adds to the atmosphere. Designed with characters painted on blades, the kid is able to see the whole room as a whole, making it easier for their eyes yet at the same time, it helps in stretching the limits of imagination. It’s a proven fact that spaces like this helps in simulating creative thoughts, a significant factor for child’s development.

It’s not unexpected then that companies are leaving no stone unturned to provide their customers with the best designs.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fans that look good, works better Part 2

To many people, Coolers and air conditioners look like signs of one’s social mobility. While they can signify wealthy status but it doesn’t mean they are necessary for one’s survival. With temperature reaching the peak, people do find solace in an AC but in a room without fan, even this AC doesn’t provide any respite. Also, not only are air conditioners are useless without ceiling fans which help in distributing the cool air given out by an AC, they’re pretty dangerous for kids.
 Kids by nature are inquisitive. It’s a psychologically proven fact that kids understand things through their senses that is, their sensory organs. If elders don’t keep an eye on them, these curious beings wouldn’t mind hurting themselves by putting their hands in a working cooler or air conditioner. Unable to reach greater heights, it becomes impossible for them to reach out to a ceiling fan making it safer than a cooler or an AC.

So, here we will continue our list of fans that not only perform well but also looks good:

4. Paradise Key

With design like the ones found in monuments, Paradise Key gives us a feeling of grandeur. The soft glow of its built-in uplight can easily set someone mood for a candle-light dinner or a ballroom party.  The fan blades are crafted from seven layers of furniture-grade wood, giving it an authentic feel. The powerful Emerson K55 motor does not produce a single sound, making it one of the best ceiling fans ever made.

5. Torto Fan

A three-blade fan, Torto fan does not look like a conventional three-blade fans. Instead, its edgy look which appears like a cutter we find in our mixers makes it look like an artefact one would love to have in her/his room. Moving as if a dancer is dancing, the fan appears graceful and elegant, giving positive vibes to the room. It comes in opal frosted glass shade and provides a powerful airflow making a perfect combination of power and beauty.

6.  Centaurus Fan

On looking at this fan, one would get chills. Its appearance similar to a hook gives us an illusion that a hook is placed in a room to capture us. This sinister aspect would remain with us only at first impression. The blades are beautifully bend inwards to give maximum airflow and at the same time, providing enough space for other things to be hung on the wall. The Centaurus ceiling fan comes with an integrated pendant light that provides functional downlighting and includes a three-speed, hand-held remote control with reversing function. Mysterious and attractive, this fan should be on the top of a buyer’s list.

A reminiscent of our childhood days at our grandparents’ home, a ceiling fan is more than just an inanimate object. Remember the room where the sunlight comes directly through windows and where a lot of stories of your mother’s escapades could be found? Without a cooler or an air conditioner, that small room with one ceiling fan might still be alive in our memories. Instead of moving on without it, we should make an effort of innovating this significant product and carry it along with us like our legacy.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Fans that look good, works better Part 1

Part 1

We all have that memory when after Holi suddenly, all the covers, blankets and quilts are put back into the cabinet or in the bed and with the arrival of summer, refrigerated water and ice creams becomes the part of our routine. But it all starts with the ceiling fan which after a long period of hibernation, is brought back to life and put to use. Our savior for scorching heat and seemingly perpetual dripping of sweat, ceiling fans are the spring of life in our homes. Not just metaphorically but scientifically as well.

Our homes have internally designed air conditioning and heating systems that facilitate airflow within them. When hot or cold air arrives in a room, it isn’t evenly distributed throughout a room leading an accumulation of hot and cool air pockets. A ceiling fan breaks up these air pockets, ensuring an even distribution of hot and cold air throughout a room providing us with an optimum temperature.
But functionality isn’t the only factor one should consider while buying a ceiling fan but also its look. So, we give you a list of ceiling fans that not only works but also looks good:

1. Sycamore Ceiling Fan

The first impression on seeing this fan is of seeing a large-sized boomerang. Design inspired by the falling sycamore seed, this fan is comprised of a single blade. Unlike the conventional fans with three or four blades, the single blade design provides high air flow for cooling with low turbulence. With minimal voice, the fan if not for its design wouldn’t be even noticed. Perfect for both big and small rooms, Sycamore Ceiling fans adds to the room glamour with highest sophistication.

2. Fiore Fan

With a bud like shape, Fiore fan in a room looks like bud waiting patiently to blossom. Bud’s transformation into a flower is a transition between static stage and life. The same principle is applied in the Fiore fan. On opening, the fan reveals a stylish lamp illuminating the whole space with its bright light, adding life to the room. When not in use, the petal like blades retract going back to their earlier state. Fiore fan is prime example of how can we bring together pragmatism and aesthetics.

3. Enigma Fan

Enigma on first look seems to be a robot keeping an eye on the people in the room. The looks though unique are not out of place. Made for an advanced age like ours, Enigma Fans acquires minimum space and gives a powerful airflow making your room cool. Enigma made its debut in a popular Hollywood film “I, Robot”.  Therefore, its demand which is increasing shouldn’t be unexpected.

An important part of our house, a ceiling fans reflects the mood of the room. So, it becomes necessary that instead of going for that mundane peach or white colored fans, people start experimenting with the designs and go for a stylish ceiling fan.