Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fans that look good, works better Part 2

To many people, Coolers and air conditioners look like signs of one’s social mobility. While they can signify wealthy status but it doesn’t mean they are necessary for one’s survival. With temperature reaching the peak, people do find solace in an AC but in a room without fan, even this AC doesn’t provide any respite. Also, not only are air conditioners are useless without ceiling fans which help in distributing the cool air given out by an AC, they’re pretty dangerous for kids.
 Kids by nature are inquisitive. It’s a psychologically proven fact that kids understand things through their senses that is, their sensory organs. If elders don’t keep an eye on them, these curious beings wouldn’t mind hurting themselves by putting their hands in a working cooler or air conditioner. Unable to reach greater heights, it becomes impossible for them to reach out to a ceiling fan making it safer than a cooler or an AC.

So, here we will continue our list of fans that not only perform well but also looks good:

4. Paradise Key

With design like the ones found in monuments, Paradise Key gives us a feeling of grandeur. The soft glow of its built-in uplight can easily set someone mood for a candle-light dinner or a ballroom party.  The fan blades are crafted from seven layers of furniture-grade wood, giving it an authentic feel. The powerful Emerson K55 motor does not produce a single sound, making it one of the best ceiling fans ever made.

5. Torto Fan

A three-blade fan, Torto fan does not look like a conventional three-blade fans. Instead, its edgy look which appears like a cutter we find in our mixers makes it look like an artefact one would love to have in her/his room. Moving as if a dancer is dancing, the fan appears graceful and elegant, giving positive vibes to the room. It comes in opal frosted glass shade and provides a powerful airflow making a perfect combination of power and beauty.

6.  Centaurus Fan

On looking at this fan, one would get chills. Its appearance similar to a hook gives us an illusion that a hook is placed in a room to capture us. This sinister aspect would remain with us only at first impression. The blades are beautifully bend inwards to give maximum airflow and at the same time, providing enough space for other things to be hung on the wall. The Centaurus ceiling fan comes with an integrated pendant light that provides functional downlighting and includes a three-speed, hand-held remote control with reversing function. Mysterious and attractive, this fan should be on the top of a buyer’s list.

A reminiscent of our childhood days at our grandparents’ home, a ceiling fan is more than just an inanimate object. Remember the room where the sunlight comes directly through windows and where a lot of stories of your mother’s escapades could be found? Without a cooler or an air conditioner, that small room with one ceiling fan might still be alive in our memories. Instead of moving on without it, we should make an effort of innovating this significant product and carry it along with us like our legacy.

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