Friday, 22 April 2016

Fans that look good, works better Part 1

Part 1

We all have that memory when after Holi suddenly, all the covers, blankets and quilts are put back into the cabinet or in the bed and with the arrival of summer, refrigerated water and ice creams becomes the part of our routine. But it all starts with the ceiling fan which after a long period of hibernation, is brought back to life and put to use. Our savior for scorching heat and seemingly perpetual dripping of sweat, ceiling fans are the spring of life in our homes. Not just metaphorically but scientifically as well.

Our homes have internally designed air conditioning and heating systems that facilitate airflow within them. When hot or cold air arrives in a room, it isn’t evenly distributed throughout a room leading an accumulation of hot and cool air pockets. A ceiling fan breaks up these air pockets, ensuring an even distribution of hot and cold air throughout a room providing us with an optimum temperature.
But functionality isn’t the only factor one should consider while buying a ceiling fan but also its look. So, we give you a list of ceiling fans that not only works but also looks good:

1. Sycamore Ceiling Fan

The first impression on seeing this fan is of seeing a large-sized boomerang. Design inspired by the falling sycamore seed, this fan is comprised of a single blade. Unlike the conventional fans with three or four blades, the single blade design provides high air flow for cooling with low turbulence. With minimal voice, the fan if not for its design wouldn’t be even noticed. Perfect for both big and small rooms, Sycamore Ceiling fans adds to the room glamour with highest sophistication.

2. Fiore Fan

With a bud like shape, Fiore fan in a room looks like bud waiting patiently to blossom. Bud’s transformation into a flower is a transition between static stage and life. The same principle is applied in the Fiore fan. On opening, the fan reveals a stylish lamp illuminating the whole space with its bright light, adding life to the room. When not in use, the petal like blades retract going back to their earlier state. Fiore fan is prime example of how can we bring together pragmatism and aesthetics.

3. Enigma Fan

Enigma on first look seems to be a robot keeping an eye on the people in the room. The looks though unique are not out of place. Made for an advanced age like ours, Enigma Fans acquires minimum space and gives a powerful airflow making your room cool. Enigma made its debut in a popular Hollywood film “I, Robot”.  Therefore, its demand which is increasing shouldn’t be unexpected.

An important part of our house, a ceiling fans reflects the mood of the room. So, it becomes necessary that instead of going for that mundane peach or white colored fans, people start experimenting with the designs and go for a stylish ceiling fan.

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